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EIIN : 135720 || School Code: 3024 ||College Code: 2303 || ESTD : 2011

dress-code :

Students Uniform Policies


1. Student of all BAF Shaheen Colleges is to wear standard uniform. The uniform consists of trouser, half shirt and white shoes for boys and salwar, frock, scarf and white shoes for the girls. The color of cloth for boy’s shirt and girls’ frock is deep sky blue, color of cloth for boys’ trousers is deep khaki and color of cloth for girls’ salwar and scarf is white (Teton 35* 65). No light color of cloth i.e., sky blue and khaki is allowed. Shoulder epaulettes are to wear as a part of College Uniform for the students of class XI and XII for easy identification from the school students. Such introduction will also generate the sense of discipline, belongingness, responsibilities and pride among the students. The descriptions of embroidered name tag and shoulder epaulettes are as follows:


a. Embroidered Name Tag.


Ser No




Measurement                   : Length-3” & Breadth-0.9”

Embroidered Name tag is to be fixed with shirt/frock/scarf

(as admission)


Color of Writing              : White


Font of Writing                  : Arial-36


Color of Background      : Deep Sky Blue



b. Shoulder Epauletters.




Primary Section


White colored ¼” single ribbon over the maroon-colored flap along with the write-up of respective classes.




White colored ¼” single ribbon over the navy-blue cooler flap for class-VI (one addl ribbon will be added for each upper class).

College Section


White colored ½” single ribbon over the green colored flap for class-XI


White colored ½” double ribbon over the green colored flap for class-XII.



2. Student of BAF Shaheen Colleges are to wear approved College Formation Mark of individual college with uniform. The Formation Mark is to be worn in left arm of uniform. It is to be fixed 2 inches below from the upper seam. House identification mark is to be worn in right arm. Diameter of the Formation Mark will be 2 inches.



3. Students of all BAF Shaheen Colleges are to carry identity card as per the guidelines issued from Air Headquarters from time to time.


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